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We are the manufacturer of different kinds of mountings, such as perforated sheets, grids, beams, furniture board, shopwalls and other tailor-made solutions. We produce wire hangers, metal sheets and pipes, in different thicknesses. We are offering different types of coats: chromium, zinc or powder coating.


As a manufacturer we have been successfully cooperating with companies specializing in shop accessories and we have been realizing projects for advertising agencies for years. Our products are perfectly known in the Polish and international markets: hangers, hooks, cloth hangers and other products made of wire.


Out of concern for the clients we always care for timely execution of orders and quality of our products. It is and shall always remain our main priority. We can boost about the top quality of such coats as: powder coating, chromium and zinc, whose quality and durability is confirmed with a quality certificate.

Project and realization KAMEPKI
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Project and realization KAMEPKI